Amibroker Data Feed Free Trial for 3 Months – An Impossible Dream?

Finding a data feed provider that offers a amibroker data feed free trial for 3 months for Amibroker users seems almost too good to be true. With costs running into the thousands for historical and real-time data feeds, the ability to test a service for that length of time would allow traders to properly evaluate its usefulness. However, the reality is that no company currently provides complimentary access for that long. This article explores the reasons behind that and presents an alternative option for Amibroker enthusiasts wanting to get their hands on some free data.

Is it Possible to provide amibroker data feed free trial for 3 months

Amibroker Data Feed Free Trial For 3 Months

High-quality Amibroker-compatible data feeds providing tick-by-tick, EOD, and intraday information are expensive to source, maintain, and distribute. The costs involved usually prohibit companies from running free trials beyond a week or two. However, there are still a few reasons why amibroker data feed free trial for 3 months are pretty much unheard of:

Servers and Infrastructure Also Cost Money

In addition to expensive data licenses, companies offering Amibroker feeds also invest heavily in IT infrastructure. High spec servers, load balancers, dedicated connectivity, and more rack up huge monthly fees. Few businesses could sustain providing free trials to lots of customers for 3 months. At some point the numbers would stop adding up.

Risk of Data Theft or Misuse

While many traders signing up for trials have honest intentions, some individuals unfortunately see free data as an opportunity for misuse. For example, redistributing feeds breaching terms or using them contrary to exchange guidelines. Vetting and monitoring customers takes time and resources most providers can ill afford.

Due to those valid business reasons, the chances of locating a data company willing to hand out 3 month Amibroker trials seems slim. However, that doesn’t mean missing out on sampling data altogether. There are alternatives for traders keen to test the waters.

Rather than search forever for a 3 month free trial that likely doesn’t exist, consider checking out Get stuck straight into analyzing markets by requesting our 3 day no-obligation demo instead. our service aims to deliver accurate, affordable data for Amibroker traders across India.

Features available during the demo include:

Tick by Tick Data and EOD Data

Dive into analyzing ultra-low latency tick data for all indices and market segments. Amiprofits store over 20 years of clean end-of-day Open-High-Low-Close-Volume (OHLCV) data eminently suited to backtesting and scanning.

One Year of 1 Minute Backfill Data

In addition to tick data, users also get 1 year of per minute OHLCV information for backfilling intraday strategies. Construct short term models using this accurately time stamped data dating back to January 2023.

4000+ Free Custom Afl's

To accelerate Amibroker coding, Amiprofits provides a code library packed with 4000+ custom Afl’s. Quickly scan for stocks using prebuilt formulas without reinventing the wheel each time. An invaluable resource for all Amibroker data feed subscribers.

All Market Segments Included

Whether your strategies involve large cap shares or small cap penny stocks on Emerge, this feed has you covered. Our coverage spans cash, futures, options, F&O , commodity , MCX and MCX Options and all other indices.

Reasonably Priced Access Starting from ₹389/Month

Unlike other providers charging upwards of ₹2000 per month, Amiprofits offers rates beginning at just ₹389. All features and data described above come included as standard. Make the most of markets without breaking the bank.

Our 3 day free trial should adequately showcase the quality and depth of data on offer. Signing up is simple and only requires basic details like name, email and phone number. Get started now by visiting our website for full pricing info and to request trial access.

Does any company really offer a amibroker data feed free trial for 3 months?

Unfortunately, no. The costs involved in sourcing, processing, and distributing the data reliably at scale precludes any provider from sustaining that generous an evaluation period. The best alternative is Amiprofit’s 3 day demo offer instead.

What format is the EOD data available in via Amiprofits?

After setup done , You can import eod data from amiprofits in a single click

Does Amiprofits offer tick data for Index options and stock futures?

Absolutely! Their data covers all major indices like Nifty, Bank Nifty etc along with all stock futures and options. Get exposure before subscribing to higher tier plans.

Who should I contact for technical support during my trial?

Get in touch with their customer service team via live chat or WhatsApp at any time. Contact details are provided after signing up and staff are happy to assist with data feed troubleshooting.

Don't Despair, Get Your Amibroker Data Feed Fix Instead!

While an exclusive Amibroker data feed free trial for 3 months remains a pipe dream for traders, all is not lost. Thanks to providers like offering handy 3 day demos instead. our market coverage, feed speeds, reliability, and extensive trade libraries make sampling straightforward.

Trial our tick data and Amibroker integration features risk-free today. After experiencing the quality first-hand, the reasonable subscription fees become far more understandable. Invest profitably in Indian markets with clean, affordable data.

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