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How to Get 20 Years of NSE EOD Data Downloader For Amibroker with AmiProfits

Amibroker is one of the most popular stock analysis and algorithmic trading platforms used by active traders in India. However, one challenge traders face is getting reliable and accurate historical EOD (End of Day) data for stocks trading on the National Stock Exchange (NSE). Thankfully, there is now an easy way to download 20 years of clean, adjusted NSE EOD data right into Amibroker – using the AmiProfits Feeder software.

What is NSE EOD Data Downloader for Amibroker

An NSE EOD data downloader for Amibroker allows you to automatically download End of Day price history data for stocks trading on the National Stock Exchange directly into the Amibroker software.

This enables Amibroker users to backtest trading strategies and build stock screening formulas using reliable, high-quality historical data spanning over the past 20 years – all without having to manually collect and organize the EOD data.

Why NSE EOD Data Downloader is Needed for Amibroker

There are several important reasons why using an automated NSE EOD data downloader tool like AmiProfits Feeder is highly beneficial for Amibroker data feed users:

  • Accurate Data: The NSE data comes directly from the exchange, ensuring accuracy and reliability.
  • Adjusted for Corporate Actions: The EOD data is properly adjusted for dividends, splits, bonuses etc.
  • Saves Time: Automatically gets 20 year EOD data without any manual effort.
  • Backtesting Dependability: Accurate long-term data enables robust backtesting of strategies.
  • Flawless Data Integration: The data seamlessly integrates with Amibroker databases.
  • Always Up-To-Date: New EOD data is automatically appended each day.

As you can see, having a specialized NSE data downloader tool makes life much easier for Amibroker traders by solving the historical data collection headache.

Uses of NSE EOD Data Downloader for Amibroker

uses of nse eod data downloader for amibroker

Here are some of the ways an NSE EOD data downloader can be useful for Amibroker users:

  • Backtesting trading systems – Reliable 20 year data allows rigorous backtesting to assess performance.
  • Building stock screeners – Scan for stocks based on technical and fundamental parameters.
  • Algorithmic trading- Develop and automate rule-based trading strategies.
  • Price & financial analysis – Analyze price patterns, trends, financial ratios of stocks.
  • Portfolio analysis – Evaluate performance metrics of existing portfolio.
  • Charting & visualization – Plot various graphs and visualizations for analysis.

The accurately organized clean data aids in almost any application within Amibroker for developing or evaluating trading strategies for stocks.

How to Download 20 Years of NSE EOD Data into Amibroker

If you want an easy way to automatically download 20 years of NSE EOD data downloader for Amibroker, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Download Amibroker and AmiProfits Feeder

First, head over to the AmiProfits website and purchase access to the AmiProfits Feeder app. This will allow you to download Amibroker as well as the data feeder app which delivers the NSE EOD data.

Step 2: Watch Tutorial Videos

Next, watch the video tutorials provided with AmiProfits Feeder that demonstrate how to properly setup and configure Amibroker along with the Feeder app. The videos walk you through step-by-step.

Step 3: Select Stocks & Launch Feeder

Once Amibroker and Feeder are installed, launch the Feeder app. Here you can select the list of stocks you want EOD data for. Then turn on the feeder which will automatically start pulling NSE data into Amibroker.

Step 4: Backfill Historical EOD Data

Within the AmiProfits Feeder, go to the EOD data section for NSE stocks. Select the backfill option which will download 20 years of historical EOD data for all the stocks you added into Amibroker.

And that’s it! In just a few simple steps you will now have 20 years of clean, accurate NSE historical EOD data right inside your Amibroker application. You can now harness the power of Amibroker’s backtesting capabilities with long term NSE data.


Getting historical EOD data into Amibroker is crucial for backtesting and analyzing trading strategies for Indian stocks. However, collecting and organizing 20 years of accurate NSE data requires tremendous effort. The easiest approach is to utilize the specialized AmiProfits Feeder software, which automatically downloads the data seamlessly into Amibroker without any headaches.

With AmiProfits Feeder, Amibroker users can save weeks of tedious data collection work. The feeder delivers adjusted, reliable NSE EOD data with a simple setup process. Traders can immediately access high-quality 20 year backfill EOD datasets for backtesting ideas. also you can get tick by tick data from amiprofits

The video tutorials make installation easy, and free remote support is also available if needed. Users can get in touch with the AmiProfits support team for complimentary installation help over Anydesk. With the historical data in place, traders can utilize Amibroker’s comprehensive analytics and trading automation capabilities to the fullest based on long term NSE price history.

Getting started is quick and affordable with flexible pricing options. Visit the AmiProfits website for complete details and free resources – then contact their support to discuss complimentary installation assistance. The 20 year NSE EOD data will equip Amibroker users to methodically develop and validate rule-based models.

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