nse eod data

How to Get 20 Years NSE EOD Data Instantly?

What is NSE EOD Data?

NSE EOD data (End Of Day) refers to the historical price data for stocks listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India. This data includes the open, high, low, and closing prices of each stock, along with the traded volume and other relevant information, recorded at the end of each trading day. NSE EOD data is essential for technical analysis, backtesting trading strategies, and conducting various research and analysis activities in the stock market.
nse eod data

Uses of NSE EOD Data

NSE EOD data is widely used by traders, investors, and market analysts for the following purposes:

Backtesting Trading Strategies:   Traders and investors use NSE EOD data to backtest their trading strategies on historical data, helping them evaluate the performance and potential profitability of their strategies before implementing them in live markets.

Technical Analysis: Technical analysts rely on EOD data to study price patterns, trends, and indicators, which aid in making informed trading decisions.

Portfolio Analysis: Portfolio managers and investors use EOD data to analyze the performance of their portfolios, calculate risk metrics, and make informed decisions about rebalancing or adjusting their holdings.
 Research and Analysis: Market researchers, economists, and academics use  EOD data for various studies and analyses, such as market trends, sector performance, and the impact of economic events on stock prices.

What to do with NSE EOD Data in AmiBroker?

AmiBroker is a powerful technical analysis software that allows traders and investors to analyze historical data, backtest trading strategies, and automate trading systems. With  EOD data in AmiBroker, you can:

  1. Backtest Trading Strategies: Use AmiBroker’s robust backtesting capabilities to test your trading strategies on historical NSE EOD data, evaluating their performance and potential profitability.
  2. Develop and Optimize Trading Systems: Utilize AmiBroker’s coding environment to develop and optimize trading systems based on technical indicators, price patterns, and other factors derived from  EOD data.
  3. Generate Charts and Visualizations: Create advanced charts and visualizations using NSE EOD data, enabling you to identify trading opportunities and patterns more effectively.
  4. Automate Trading Processes: Integrate your trading strategies with  EOD data in AmiBroker to automate trade entry, exit, and risk management processes.

How to Feed NSE EOD Data to AmiBroker?

Step 1: Sign up for AmiProfits AmiBroker Data Feed Subscription 

AmiProfits is a reputable provider of high-quality historical data feeds for AmiBroker. Sign up for their data feed subscription service to gain access to NSE EOD data.

Step 2: Purchase the Add-on of NSE EOD Data 

After signing up, purchase the NSE EOD data add-on from AmiProfits. This add-on contains 20 years of historical  EOD data, ensuring you have a comprehensive dataset for your analysis and backtesting needs.

Step 3: Install the Application Provided by AmiProfits 

AmiProfits will provide you with a user-friendly application or plugin that integrates seamlessly with AmiBroker. Follow the installation instructions provided to set up the application on your system.

Step 4: Import NSE EOD Data to AmiBroker in a Single Click 

Once the application is installed, you can import the entire 20 years of  EOD data into AmiBroker with just a single click. The application handles the data formatting and integration, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Step 5: Backtest Your AFL Strategies and Explore Further 

With the NSE EOD data now available in AmiBroker, you can start backtesting your Amibroker AFL (AmiBroker Formula Language) strategies on this extensive dataset. Additionally, you can explore various analytical tools, charting capabilities, and other features offered by AmiBroker to gain deeper insights and make informed trading decisions.


Obtaining 20 years of  EOD data and integrating it into AmiBroker has never been easier thanks to services like AmiProfits. By following the simple steps outlined above, you can have access to a comprehensive historical dataset in just two minutes, enabling you to backtest trading strategies, conduct technical analysis, and explore a wide range of analytical possibilities within the powerful AmiBroker platform. With the right data and tools, you can gain a significant advantage in your trading and investment endeavors.

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