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5 Best AmiBroker Data Feed AFL for Successful Trading

Trading is an art that demands you do the correct thing at the right moment. Most traders study, purchase, and sell stocks manually, which is the best way to go. 

However, while trading manually, traders could only discover and trade in a restricted number of stocks. 

In advanced automated trading systems like Amibroker data feed help traders by entering and exiting the market at the proper moment for many equities.

Amibroker data feed is a straightforward yet effective piece of software that aids in the automation of trading techniques. 

It is popular among professional traders who seek to trade various shares, options, or commodities using precise trading indicators, rules, and methods.

This technical analysis program allows users to design their own criteria and procedures for identifying, purchasing, and selling equities in order to maximize profit.

This post will discuss the top 5 NSE data feed for amibroker AFL for successful trading, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

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What is Amibroker?

AmiBroker is a complete technical analysis tool that includes automated algorithmic trading and is designed for experienced traders to find and exploit stock market opportunities. 

The main difference between Amibroker live data and other trading programs is the Amibroker Formula Language (AFL). 

In the Amibroker, Formula Language enables users to construct their own trading strategy or rules based on their trading experiences and preferences in order to select the proper stocks and decide entry prices, stop loss, and exit points. 

Traders can also rely on sophisticated measurements and guidelines developed by specialists and research organizations.

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How does the AFL work on Amibroker?

For example, if you want to go long on a specific candlestick, make sure the trade volume is large, the price is inside Bollinger bands, and the MACD line favors your trade. How can you find the stock that tends to all of these?

Of course, you can accomplish this manually by adding charts and selecting your own buying and selling points, which may be advantageous, but takes too long. You must do this manually for every stock you can think of.

With AFL, you can easily construct a few lines like an excel formula based on your needs and apply the same formula to all the companies you want to evaluate in order to identify the best stocks to invest in.

Top 5 Amibroker Data Feed AFL for Successful Trading

  • Candlestick Pattern AFL
  • Bollinger Fibonacci Bands AFL
  • Harmonic Pattern Dynamic Levels AFL
  • Awesome Oscillator AFL
  • SuperTrend Indicator AFL

The following is a list of the top Amibroker data feed Formula Languages utilized by traders.

1. Candlestick Pattern AFL

Finding a distinctive candlestick pattern for a single stock is not difficult. However, finding an identifiable candlestick pattern for numerous stocks is time-consuming.

AFL is designed to swiftly identify bullish or bearish trends in many stocks by finding a recognized candlestick pattern from 35 patterns with a single click.

  • It is extremely effective for discovering equities that are trending.
  • Aids in the prediction of a trend reversal.
  • It can’t figure out where to enter, depart, or stop loss.
  • Other indicators and indications should corroborate this.
2. Bollinger Fibonacci Bands AFL

Bollinger bands have become a prominent technique in technical analysis for evaluating a stock’s overbought and oversold opportunities.

Fibonacci Bands by Bollinger AFL calculate the breakout levels based on stock volatility. It helps traders decide if the price is above or below the extreme marks.

It may be used to detect overbought and oversold opportunities for both longs and shorts.

It has no volume or trading pattern considerations, traders cannot use this to validate a deal. It can only be used to detect trends.

3. Harmonic Pattern Dynamic Levels AFL

Harmonic Pattern Dynamic Levels AFL Swing trading is popular among day traders. Many chart analysts employ harmonic patterns to predict buying and selling opportunities or anticipated stock reversals for numerous equities based on historical data feed.

Even for experienced traders, recognizing harmonic patterns takes effort. The pattern of Harmony AFL recognizes some of the most common harmonic patterns, such as Gartley, Bat, Butterfly, Crab, and so on.

  • It is useful to identify very likely stock reversal points for entry and exit.
  • There are too many patterns, and they may provide contradictory results.
4. Awesome Oscillator AFL

The Awesome Oscillator computes the difference between a 34-day and a 5-day simple moving average (SMA) and displays it as a histogram. It gives an in-depth analysis of a stock’s strengths and flaws.

The Awesome Oscillator AFL assists traders in confirming trends, confirming signal strength, and providing potential reversal signals.

It is capable of confirming a signal and determining the strength or weakness of any stock or trend.

Only when combined with other Technical Analysis signals and indicators does it work.

5. SuperTrend Indicator AFL

The Super Trend AFL employs a number of indicators to produce one of the finest intraday trading signals. The price action indicator modified moving average, and intraday AFL are combined to provide the best trading signal.

  • It gives you a real-time stop-loss price.
  • It provides three distinct objectives.
  • It offers a pullback approach for intraday trading.
  • It is not advantageous for long-term trading.

How Can AFL Be Used in Trading?

There are several advantages to adopting AmiBroker’s AFL. Here are a few examples: 

Less Human Interference:

Multiple indicators can be used by traders to confirm a trend or acquire alerts for their trades, decreasing mistakes during manual examination.

Better Risk/Reward Ratio:

Traders can utilize stop loss and targets to calculate the risk-reward ratio before entering a trade, increasing their chances of profit.

Time Saving:

Using AFL saves time since traders do not need to undertake extensive analysis; instead, they may study the stock and trading signals by clicking, dragging, and dropping.

Multiple Stock Analysis:

AFL enables traders to swiftly monitor and evaluate many stocks and portfolios. As a result, the odds of locating lucrative trading opportunities improve.

The Advantages of Synergy:

Combining different trading signals, charts, and indicators always helps traders decrease risk and construct stronger trading strategies.


Using the above-listed AFL, you may choose a script depending on your needs and technical analysis skills to trade in the market. 

Furthermore, employing tick by tick data for amibroker Indicators will assist you in improving your profit/loss ratio and lowering risk.

There are hundreds of different Amibroker data provider AFL scripts accessible on the internet for traders to employ to improve their stock market success rate. 

Every trader must utilize these AFL scripts, but they must be aware of their limits before employing them in trading. Before you subscribe, get a free demo for Amibroker data feed from Amiprofits.

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