Step Up Your Game with Pro-Grade Amibroker Intraday Data Feeds

Amibroker intraday data refers to high-resolution historical price and quotes data for various exchanges that can be directly loaded into the Amibroker intraday data trading platform. Specifically, it contains tick-by-tick data

This minute-to-minute data allows Amibroker users to perform precise charting analysis, develop and backtest intraday trading systems, build market scans, and automate trade signals for day trading or short term positional strategies. 

Quality amibroker intraday data unlocks the full suite of Amibroker’s advanced analytics, modeling, and automation capabilities for trading the markets. By providing accurate and seamless access to intraday data, Amibroker gives retail traders and investors the tools previously only available to institutional players.

The key focus in this intro is defining what Amibroker intraday data represents – high resolution tick quotes and trades for powering Amibroker’s advanced analytics capabilities for trading. It aims to highlight the precision and capabilities unlocked with quality intraday data.

Getting the Most Out of Amibroker with Quality Intraday Data

Amibroker is one of the most powerful charting and technical analysis platforms available to retail traders and investors. With its built-in formula language (Amibroker AFL), custom indicators, and scanning capabilities, Amibroker provides the tools you need to thoroughly analyze stocks, identify profitable trading opportunities, backtest trading strategies, and automate your trading system.

However, the platform is only as good as the data it relies on. Quality intraday data is essential to getting the most out of Amibroker. Intraday data provides the high resolution look into price action that is needed for precise analysis, strategy development, and trade signalling. In this post, I will cover what you need to know about sourcing, preparing, and using quality amibroker intraday data

The Importance of Quality Amibroker Intraday Data

While daily or weekly data can be useful for performing broad trend analysis or long term investing strategies, intraday data provides additional insights that are invaluable for active trading. Here are some examples:

  • Identifying key intraday price levels and support/resistance zones
  • Analysing candlestick patterns
  • Performing precise technical indicator analysis (like MACD, RSI etc)
  • Detecting institutional price action patterns
  • Backtesting intraday breakout and reversal strategies
  • Automating intraday trade entries and exits

Without quality intraday data, much of this high resolution analysis would not be possible within Amibroker. Simply put, quality intraday data empowers Amibroker users with more strategic information and opportunities.

When sourcing intraday data, you need to ensure it satisfies three key criteria:

  1. Precision: Data should provide tick-by-tick bid/ask quotes at a 1 minute resolution or better. This allows identifying key price levels and precision in technical analysis.
  2. Completeness: There should be no gaps or missing bars in the data. Even minor gaps can negatively impact backtests or trade signals.
  3. Accuracy: The data should accurately reflect actual traded prices on the exchange. Any errors may result in misleading analysis.

Unfortunately, finding intraday data that meets all three criteria can be challenging. Common issues include:

  • Incomplete snapshots only providing samples of intraday data rather than full days
  • Gaps, errors, or misaligned timestamps that reduce data quality
  • Inaccurate data that does not match up to exchange traded prices
  • Formats that require extensive cleaning/preparation before using in Amibroker

This is why I recommend using a specialized financial data provider like for your Amibroker intraday data needs.

Amiprofits - Quality Data for Amibroker Users

amibroker afl

Amiprofits provides high quality, tick by tick data resolution intraday data for NSE, MCX and NSE F&O covering over 20 years of historical data. The key benefits include:

  1. Tick-by-tick bid/ask quotes – See the precise price action.
  2. Fully accurate data – Matches up to actual exchange trades.
  3. Seamless Amibroker integration – No formatting or alignment issues.
  4. Reasonably priced – From Rs 389/month based on usage needs.

Amiprofits provides the best quality amibroker data feed and most convenient intraday data source for Amibroker users in India. The data quality exceeds the precision, completeness and accuracy criteria I outlined earlier.

Since the data requires no preparation, you can directly load the Amiprofits database in Amibroker and immediately perform precise analysis. This allows you to efficiently focus your efforts on developing strategies and identifying trading opportunities.

Preparing and Loading the Intraday Data

amibroker intraday data - nifty

Once you have sourced quality intraday data from Amiprofits, the process for preparing and loading it in Amibroker is straightforward:

  1. Download the desired exchange data in the standard Amibroker .hst format: NSE, BSE, MCX or NSE F&O.
  2. Optional – If needed, use the Amibroker File Manager to split large .hst files into smaller segments for easier management.
  3. In Amibroker Chart Analysis window, use File>Load Database to directly load the Amiprofits .hst file.
  4. Adjust date range as needed and align chart to index (NIFTY or SENSEX) to verify timestamps match up precisely.
  5. Save your settings as an Analysis Template to easily repeat this loading process in the future.

With Amiprofits data, that is all that is required. You do not need to worry about any complex data formatting, cleaning or preparation steps that lower quality data often requires.

Now you are ready to leverage the capabilities of Amibroker to their full potential with high quality intraday data!

Strategies for Using Intraday Data in Amibroker

Here are some key types of analysis made possible in Amibroker by using quality amibroker intraday data

Intraday Pattern Analysis

  • Candlestick patterns like Doji, Engulfing, Harami etc
  • Institutional price action footprints (prints)
  • Identifying support and resistance zones

Precise Indicator Analysis

  • MACD, RSI, Stochastics, Bollinger Bands etc with tick data rather than only close prices

High Resolution Backtesting

  • Test effectiveness of breakout strategies, reversals, trend following etc with precision intraday signals

Automated Trading

  • Code AFL formulas or trading rules to generate automated buy/sell signals and trade execution in real-time!

Having reliable intraday data opens up vast possibilities for analysis, system development, backtesting, and automated algorithmic trading with Amibroker.

FAQ's About Amibroker Intraday Data

What is Amibroker intraday data?

Amibroker intraday data contains tick-by-tick bid/ask quotes and traded prices for stocks and indexes at 1-minute resolution or shorter intervals. This high resolution data enables precise analysis in Amibroker.

Why is intraday data important for Amibroker?

Amibroker is designed for high resolution analysis. Intraday data provides the minute-to-minute price action details essential for algorithms, backtesting, developing strategies, and automating trades based on technical signals.

What key exchanges are covered?

Popular exchanges like NSE, MCX, and NSE F&O are available with quotes history spanning over 20+ years.

What is the source of the intraday data?

The intraday data is sourced directly from the respective stock exchanges, processed, validated for consistency, and formatted specifically for integrating seamlessly into Amibroker.

What is the resolution and completeness of the data?

The Amibroker intraday databases provide tick data with no gaps or missing bars giving you the most complete record of price movements.

Is the data accurate to actual exchange prices?

Yes, the data goes through extensive quality validation checks to ensure it matches up precisely to the actual traded prices in the exchange order books.

How to load the intraday data into Amibroker?

The data comes preformatted as Amibroker (.hst) database files ready to directly load via File > Load Database with no cleaning needed.

How much historical intraday data is available?

Amiprofits provides Over 20 years of historical EOD data is available allowing you to backfill long term charts or perform robust backtests of strategies.

Is technical and customer support included?

Yes, the data services include technical support and assistance with any issues integrating, loading, or applying the databases in Amibroker.

What plans or pricing options are available?

Multiple cost-effective plans are available to get amibroker data feed meet different exchange data access and usage requirements, starting from Rs 389/month. Bulk discounts also available.


Quality Amibroker intraday data is crucial for unlocking the full capabilities of advanced charting and technical analysis platforms like Amibroker. Precision, completeness, and accuracy in the data translates directly into precision in your analysis, strategies, backtests, and automated trading systems. This leads to better informed trading decisions and profitability.

However, sourcing reliable intraday data remains a challenge for most retail traders and investors in India. This is where using a specialized provider like Amiprofits can give you an edge with accurate, seamless integration with Amibroker.

I hope this guide provided helpful insights into getting set up with quality intraday data in Amibroker and strategies for leveraging it effectively in your analysis and trading. Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions!

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