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10 Amazing Benefits of Using Amibroker Data Feed

What is Amibroker Data?

Amibroker Data is when you first install AmiBroker, you should create a database directory in the workspace. 

The database contains a series of binary files storing studies, quotes, and industry names. 

The file that stores the quotation data belongs to a subdirectory with the same name as the symbol. 

If the symbols have different names, the IBM files are stored in the subdirectory with the first character. These files are the only ones that can be edited in AmiBroker.

When you use AmiBroker, you can add as many tickers as your RT account allows. 

AmiBroker will switch between the most recently used symbols and remove the older ones from your Data manager. 

However, if you exceed the subscription limit, you may experience problems. So, do not expect to be able to view 500 symbols if you have a subscription limit of 50. 

The same rule applies to the real-time quote window. It can’t display more symbols than the subscription limit.

To make AmiBroker work properly, you must be logged in as a member of AmiBroker’s community. This will allow you to post and edit comments on the market.

Once you have an account, you can download and install the AmiBroker data feed and use it to analyze stock prices. 

There are several options for storing data in the database. The most important setting is the size of the data file.

AmiBroker lets you run two separate instances of the same software. For example, you can choose to run intraday and EOD charts using the same real-time data source. 

In addition to this, if you want to perform backtesting on different securities, you can choose to use different real-time data sources for both. 

You can also set up your AmiBroker account so that it will automatically download data from its real-time sources.

AmiBroker has a few settings for users. Its in-memory cache will store all the symbols that it needs. 

If the number of symbols it is analyzing exceeds the size of the cache, AmiBroker will display the error 47. 

To resolve this, you can increase the size of the in-memory cache by increasing the maximum symbol and megabytes. Then, you can use the “Reconnect” button to manually connect to the plugin.

Benefits of Using Data Feed In Amibroker:

  • AmiBroker is very efficient and can handle huge amounts of data. 
  • The database can be updated with the help of AmiQuote or ASCII import. Both of these programs can be run on Windows or Mac computers, and require a good internet connection to operate. 
  • The data files in AmiBroker are constantly updated and the latest version of AmiBroker is available in the downloads area.
  • Depending on the platform, AmiBroker can access both x86 and x64 applications. 
  • The AmiBroker database can be updated with the latest data in real-time, so you don’t need to download any new software to use it. 
  • Moreover, you can use the AmiBroker data to build custom trading systems. You can also read about AmiBroker in books written by Howard Bandy.
  • If you’re using the TC2000, you can use it as a backtest data source. By default, AmiBroker will access all TC2000 data. Its backtests will be faster than the TC2000. 
  • If you’re using AmiBroker on a PC, you should enable local data storage. Then, you’ll be able to use TC2000 data.
  • If you’re using a data source that supports mixed modes, you can use it for both types of charts. The same plugin can be used for both. 
  • In addition, you can also use it for the intraday database. When you’re using a multi-mode API, you can find some plugins that are designed for different modes. For example, you can make a bar chart with a multi-time frame.

To sum it up, there are a lot of data feed services providers available online. If you are looking for a reliable service at an affordable rate, then Amiprofits is the best choice. 

Amiprofits is one of the leading Amibroker data feed service providers that provide ultra-speed tick-by-tick data and 1500+ symbols for Equity, Futures, Commodity, Indices, Currency, and Options

amibroker data types

Amibroker data types & Uses of a Live Data Feed

Amibroker Data Types:

To start with, there are a few different kinds of AmiBroker data types. The first type of data is the AmiBroker database, which stores all the industry and sector names that AmiBroker needs to perform its trades. 

This database also contains settings for the AmiBroker application, such as the number of symbols to track. 

There are also multiple files that hold symbol assignment information. 

The third type of AmiBroker data type is the symbol file, which contains information about the symbols that are assigned to them.

The other AmiBroker data type is the database, which contains the information that AmiBroker needs to execute its trades. 

This type of data is used when creating conditional assignments. In other words, if a price goes up in a certain time period, it is likely that it will continue to drop in that value. 

The “symbols” category is a sub-category of the database, and it contains data that AmiBroker uses to perform its trades.

Users of AmiBroker are encouraged to use the latest version of their software to create backtests. 

The maximum amount of symbols in an AmiBroker backtest is 20000 symbols. To increase this limit, you can change the Max MegaBytes to Gigabytes. 

In addition, if you’re using a 64-bit version of the AmiBroker trading system, you can increase the Max MegaBytes to a maximum of eight Gigabytes.

To add custom values to a data tooltip, you can use the Plot() function with styleHidden. This allows you to display custom values in the tooltip for a particular data type. 

When you’re working with an AmiBroker integration script, you can also customize the UI layout and colors of the tooltip. 

If you’re working with a large number of different data types, you should change the UI according to your needs.

However, if you’re interested in using Amibroker, then try Amiprofits. Amiprofits provides the Amibroker data feed services at an affordable price.

Amibroker live data feed

8 ultimate reasons to use the amibroker live data feed

Looking to buy an Amibroker live data feed at a resonable price? Choose Amiprofits.

Amibroker data is a powerful tool that can help you understand the market better. 

This software offers the ability to view a live, graphical representation of all NSE stocks. 

It can also be used to create trading systems and automate their operations. 

The user interface is intuitive and simple, and the data is updated continuously. It is supported by 32-bit Windows, and the application is available on Mac and Linux.

Amibroker’s real-time data is available to traders around the globe. It is available on the NSE and NYSE. The information is updated in real-time, so you’ll never miss important information. 

Amibroker is compatible with most trading platforms, including Ninjatrader 8 and Advanced Get. Its live data service is fast, reliable, and includes a wide variety of charts.

The platform works with data from the NSE and MCX. It provides low-latency real-time data, so traders can compare historical data to the current price and volume of a specific security or stock. 

It supports up to 225 symbols per segment. It also supports a variety of other data formats, including forex, indices, and commodities. With all the features that come with AmiBroker, you can trade with confidence.

You can use Amibroker data for free on the NSE or NASDAQ, as well as for stock and ETF trading. 

The data is available in real-time, has a six-month backfill, and can be used from the comfort of your home or office. 

This software is compatible with most trading terminals, including Ltp. This software is the best choice for novice traders.

Benefits of using Amibroker Live data Feed:

There are a number of advantages that Amibroker offers. Such as follows,

  • The AmiBroker data feed can provide you with real-time data for any symbol on the NSE. 
  • It supports all the major exchanges in the world, including India and many other countries. 
  • Unlike other software, AmiBroker data is a very valuable tool for investors. 
  • It is highly recommended for novice traders looking for a reliable source of real-time data for a variety of instruments.
  • You can also use AmiBroker’s preferences to customize the settings.
  • You can set the defaults for your data and the defaults in AmiBroker. 
  • Whether you want to use a live or a historic market, AmiBroker is a great tool for analyzing the stock market. 
  • Its default settings are the most popular amongst AmiBroker users. They are also a great resource for beginners.

To sum it up, if you are looking for an Amibroker Live Data feed at an affordable price, try data feed from Amiprofits. 

Amiprofits provide Ultra speed tick by tick data and 1500+ symbols for Equity, Futures, Commodity, Indices, Currency, and Options.

Amibroker Data Feed in Tamil Nadu

Amiprofits – the Best service of Amibroker Data Feed in Tamil Nadu

Looking for the Best service provider of Amibroker Data feed In Tamil Nadu? If so, continue reading this post.

Amibroker data feed is a very important feature of Amibroker. It contains market data for the Indian stock market. 

It includes the Nifty, BankNifty, and equity cash. It also includes the Nifty and BankNifty options, MCX futures, and currency.

It also provides a 1-minute snapshot for 180 days. In addition, the Amibroker data feed is available in Tamilnadu.

Amibroker data feed is an indispensable part of any investor’s trading strategy. Without enough data, amibroker strategies will not be profitable. 

Therefore, it is essential to have access to a lot of historical data to analyze a trade. 

Amiprofits – The Best Amibroker Data feed in Tamil Nadu:

Luckily, there are several services that offer Amibroker data feed in Tamil Nadu. They are easy to use, have high speed, and have low latency.

One of the leading Amibroker data feed services is Amiprofits. Amiprofits provides an Amibroker data feed in Tamil Nadu at an Affordable price. Amiprofits is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 and can be installed on a Virtual Private Server. 

It is easy to use and offers excellent live support. Amiprofits offers real-time data for Amibroker, tick-by-tick updates, and backfill data feeds for up to 365 days.

Amiprofits offers an Amibroker data feed in Tamil Nadu that is updated with up-to-the-minute market data for more than 1500 symbols. Amiprofits is the only Amibroker data feed provider that offers 180 days of historical data. Amiprofits’ fast speed and low latency make it a great choice for traders in the state.

Using the Livefeed app from Amiprofits is a great way to get real-time data for the Amibroker market. 

The software updates the data for 1500+ symbols in just five minutes. Unlike most other Amibroker data feeds, the Livefeed app of Amiprofits has 180 days of history. It is a great tool for traders of all levels. It is affordable and has all the latest market information.

Amiprofits is the best Amibroker data feed provider in Tamil Nadu. They offer a Livefeed that is a small and user-friendly application that automatically connects with Amibroker’s 32-bit version. 

It also starts tick-by-tick data feed for all active symbols. It has all the segments of Amibroker’s data feed. You can also use any number of symbols. The software is affordable and can be used on multiple PCs.

Amibroker is the most popular platform in the world. The data feed connects to Amibroker automatically and allows you to choose the number of symbols that you want to trade. It supports all symbols in Amibroker. 

The software automatically updates the data for Amibroker. The software is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. It is easy to use, and it will connect to Amibroker’s 32-bit version for you.

Amibroker Data Feed Demo

Amiprofits – Free 3 Days Amibroker Data Feed Demo

Amiprofits offers a free three-day trial of their Amibroker data feed demo service. With the service, you can connect with Amibroker automatically, receive live tick-by-tick data, and use the AFL indicator that is widely used in the financial markets. Moreover, Amiprofits provides a backfill history of 180 days, making it one of the fastest Amibroker data feed providers on the market.

The data feed is a premium, but a cost-effective option for a free trial. AmiBroker’s Ami Quote data downloading tool integrates seamlessly with Investors FastTrack. 

Using the investor FastTrack data feed, you can download data for stocks, bonds, and indices. 

The software offers several custom spreads and calculates position risk using multiple scenarios. The service also exports volume and high-low levels.

Amiprofits data feed service provides high-quality market data at low latency. The software’s user-friendly interface allows you to connect with Amibroker with no trouble. IQ offers a real-time market service for a low monthly fee. The company provides updates and news from the NASDAQ. The service is also supported by real traders, who can provide live chat support and phone calls.

The platform also supports over 20 data feeds. Among these, FirstRate Data, which provides end-of-day and intraday market data, has the highest quality. 

You can also try a free trial period, which allows you to see how the service works before committing to it. 

If you’re unsure about whether or not it’s right for you, feel free to contact our customer support team. 

Livefeed is a real-time third-party data feed software that feeds Amibroker with real-time market data. 

The service is also compatible with Windows Server and provides excellent live support. 

Amiprofits – Amibroker Data Feed Demo:

If you’re looking for a reliable and accurate Amibroker data feed, then Livefeed from Amiprofits is the best choice. The software can be downloaded from the official website and is easy to install.

Livefeed offers a free trial version of its Amibroker data feed service. It is compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows 7 and Windows 10 systems. 

Moreover, Livefeed also offers great support and real-time Amibroker data. It also provides tick-by-tick updates. The Amiprofits service provides backfill data for up to 365 days of history.

Amiprofits offers a free real-time Amibroker data feed for Microsoft Windows. This application connects to the 32-bit version of Amibroker and starts a tick-by-tick data feed for all active symbols. 

This Livefeed app from Amiprofits allows you to add as many symbols as you need. With a free trial, you can test the program and decide if it’s right for you.

If you’d like to use the Amibroker data feed, check out free Amiprofits’ amibroker data feed demo version. This Amibroker data feed is designed for the US market and is compatible with major 3rd-party market data analysis software. Unlike other Amibroker data feeds, Livefeed is free and has a demo version. The free trial includes all the features of the pro version.

Amiprofits offers a free trial at a low-cost Amibroker data feed demo for 3 days. 

The software allows you to connect with a data feed for as many symbols as you need. 

You can also sign up for the Pro version if you’re already a paying member of Amibroker. You can also try Livefeed other features if you’re still on a trial period.

After installing AmiBroker, you can choose a database directory for your data. This directory holds a set of binary files that store symbol information, quotes, and studies. 

Each symbol has a unique file for each component. For example, an IBM file corresponding to the first character in a symbol’s name stores quotation data. 

A subdirectory corresponding to each component’s name also contains a file containing the IBM index.

Livefeed free trial comes with all active feeds. You can also download any number of symbols from all feeds. After you’ve downloaded the Livefeed, you can purchase the service. The service is very easy to set up and use. Just make sure you’re ready to begin. 

Amiprofits provides a free trial for three days and 1500+ Symbols for Equity, Futures, Commodity, Indices, Currency & Options.

amibroker live data

Best Amibroker Live Data – 8 Uses of Data Feed For Amibroker?

To start with, if you are using Amibroker as your trading platform, you may have already heard about the Amibroker Live Data service. It provides real-time market data, recommendations, and more. 

This service works on a subscription-based model, which makes it affordable for any investor. 

This article will discuss what Amibroker Live Data is and how it can benefit your trading? We’ll also look at some of its advantages.

If you are interested in Amibroker Live Data, it is a good idea to consider trying Livefeed from Amiprofits data feed services

This free application can be downloaded to your Windows PC, where it automatically connects to Amibroker. 

Once you’ve downloaded Livefeed, simply launch it from the Start Menu. It will begin sending tick-by-tick data to Amibroker. 

This Live feed service provides live, accurate, and reliable data, and its live support staff is available to answer your questions and help you navigate the interface.

Amibroker uses multiple files to store its data. Each database is stored in a directory called a “database” (in later versions) and “workspace” (in earlier versions). 

The default database directory is a folder containing the sample Dow Jones Industrial Average database. 

If you use this directory, you can use it to import data from any other file. You can also download and use a liveAmibroker data feed if you don’t want to install the software.

Choosing a live data feed is essential if you want to maximize your investment returns. LiveFeed is a powerful Amibroker feed app, which automatically connects to Amibroker. 

The LiveFeed app is compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 7 or 8. LiveFeed is a free download for Amibroker, and you can even activate a three-day free trial of the service.

If you are using AmiBroker to analyze data, you can choose two instances to run the same data. 

This gives you the advantage of running intraday and EOD charts simultaneously, and it also helps you compare the same quotes. 

You can even switch between the two charts at any time, using the same real-time data source. 

If you are a novice, you can choose a free trial of AmiBroker to test the software’s capabilities.

Live data is not free, and the NSE charges for this service. This is not unusual for live data services, but it is important to keep in mind that you can use more symbols than your subscription limit, but this may not be a good idea. 

If you are a professional trader, you should always use a paid live data feed. You can also use a data plug-in to import 1 minute of data and export it into a timeframe of your choice.

Live data sources have their own disadvantages. For instance, the NSE offers free data, but the NSE is notorious for its poor customer service and isn’t responsible for errors. 

Amibroker offers two different instances that can use the same real-time data source. 

One of them can run intraday and EOD charts and the other can use the same real-time information source. 

AmiBroker makes a beep sound when it is ready to connect to the NSE data sources. Likewise, the bubble tooltip appears when you click on the chart. After two seconds, it disappears.

Uses of Amibroker Live Data:

There are many benefits to using Amibroker. Such as follows,

  • It is free to use, and it is a great way to monitor market trends. 
  • It also allows you to do backtesting and paper trading. 
  • When you have live data, you will be able to use a lot of strategies at the same time. However, you should never rely on it alone. 
  • If you are looking for a reliable source, then Amibroker Live Data is the best choice.
  • Amiprofits from Real live data are the leading providers of stock market data. 
  • This provider provides Amibroker live data for various segments and is a cheap option. 
  • The software is very flexible and can provide you with real-time data for Amibroker. 
  • There are several benefits to using Amibroker Live Data. The data is available at any time. Moreover, it’s not only cheap, but it’s also available in different formats.
amibroker data vendors in india

3 Simple Steps to Choose the Top Amibroker Data Vendors in India

When searching for the top amibroker data vendors in India, it is important to choose the most reliable one. 

There are many companies offering this Amibroker Data Feed service, so it is crucial to choose the best one. This post will help you to choose the best AMibroker Data Vendors in India. Keep reading

3 Steps to choose the Amibroker data vendors in India:

Quality and Affordable Pricing:

The quality of data offered by the vendor will determine the quality of your trades. 

However, the price should be considered as well. The subscription fees vary depending on the product and how many times you use it. The higher the price, the more accurate your results will be.

Make sure you choose a vendor that uses the latest technology for the Amibroker data feed. 

The data feed should be up to date and have low latency. 

The speed and quality of the data feed will affect the performance of your Amibroker. 

The best vendors use dll for their data and use the most appropriate technology. This means that their data will be accurate and of the highest possible quality. The most reliable vendors also offer EOD and daily data.

The quality of the data feed also depends on the server used by the vendor and broker. 

The Data feed may be better for a broker than a vendor, but this is not always the case. 

You can only know for sure if the data you are using is accurate and up to date if you test it on your own computer. 

Both sources apply a data filtration algorithm to reduce the size of the data before it is broadcast. 

Some vendors may even broadcast slightly different ticks from different servers.

If you are looking for the best Amibroker data vendors in India, you should start your search with Amiprofits. 

Amiprofits is the leading company that provides Amibroker data feed at an affordable price and offers a comprehensive range of data feeds to traders in India. 

The quality of these services is also highly reliable. 

The speed and latency of these data feed make them the perfect choice for your Amibroker trading strategy. All of these services will give you the high-quality data that you need to analyze your trades.

While the quality of data feeds differs, you should be able to find a high-quality feed that will meet your needs. 

You should also choose a vendor who provides accurate data in multiple time zones, including India. This way, you can use them for the best Amibroker trading strategies. 

Tick By Tick Real-time data with Quality:

In addition to Amibroker data feeds, there are other types of live data. Ensure that the vendor you select is a provider that provides accurate livestock market information and provides accurate and up-to-date stock and currency charts.

When choosing a vendor, you should take into consideration the reliability of their data. 

You should look for a company that uses a high-quality dll to provide data to your trading platform. This way, you can be sure that your data feeds are accurate and reliable. 

You should also look for a service that offers fast, high-speed feeds. The top Amibroker data vendors in India like Amiprofits will make your trading experience easier and more profitable.

A high-quality Amibroker data feed is an important investment tool. The correct data feed will not only give you access to the latest market information but will also give you an edge over the competition. 

If you’re looking for a data feed provider that provides high-quality data, you should look for a service that can provide you with the support you need. While a number of these providers claim to offer accurate data, many don’t.

Free Real-time Data Trial:

Choosing the best real-time data vendors in India can be a complex process. You’ll need a service that updates its data in real-time, and support all time frames. 

If you’re a new trader, you should ask for a free trial that will allow you to see the quality of the data that’s available. If the provider cannot do this, you should move on to another provider.

The quality of data is crucial to the success of any trader. It is essential to choose the best data vendor in India for your needs. There are many Amibroker data vendors in India, but only a few can provide the quality you need. 

A high-quality data feed is an excellent choice for your trading. And the best vendor will be the one that meets your needs. But be sure to compare the price of each provider.

However, if you have no idea about the Amibroker data feed vendors or brokers, then consider trying the Amiprofits. 

Amiprofits provides ultra-speed and reliable tick-by-tick data. Besides, 1500+ symbols for Equity, Futures, Commodity, Indices, Currency, and Options.